when kaya

I just want to say na… postponed na naman ang board exam. Part of me is okay because this is the first time I experienced postponement since I just began preparing this year. I also admit I am still not confident enough with what I have studied so far. But, the other part of me does not feel okay because my anxiety makes me think that even the new schedule is gonna be moved again. It is a possibility. It is like last year. It is hard to express the feelings as well because my friends who are reviewing since … Continue reading when kaya

hindi naman mahirap ang math :’)

One of the most wonderful things in life is when somebody remembers what have you said to them years ago. Our words really affect people, intentionally or unconsciously speaking. And when it’s time, especially when you need it the most, all the advice will come back to you. Hindi naman mahirap ang Math. Matrabaho lang. While eating lunch, she told me how she still remembers that line I told her back when we were in college. Just a disclaimer, I am not a Math wizard. But because I also did not want to fail the subjects, I did my best … Continue reading hindi naman mahirap ang math :’)

do they even matter? / smiling tot

Sometimes, I do think if my name, my face, or my personality is impactful. Do you understand the feeling? I mean, sometimes, I imagine that my name would sound like an adjective. I wonder if it would sound good and helpful. Is it easy to remember? Or should I think of other unique but simple nicknames? I also look at the mirror from time to time and see if my face is really memorable. Because, I don’t think it is. I feel like a blank slate. Maybe, it is because at the age of 23, I still don’t know what … Continue reading do they even matter? / smiling tot